From: Exit Staff
Albania and UAE Celebrate 30 Years of Diplomacy with Focus on Women’s Empowerment

Joint projects to empower women in conflict areas will be a cornerstone of the diplomatic relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Albania according to a webinar organized by the UAE Embassy in Athens last week.

The event, which coincided with the 30 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and the UAE, was attended by Mimoza Halimi of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Lorena Pllumbi of the Ministry of Interior. Chargée d’Affaires for UAE, Eiman Alzeyoudi, gave the keynote speech.

In her opening remarks, Alzeyoudi spotlighted her country’s efforts to empower women, including the UAE’s decision to donate $36 million to the cause over the past decade alone. The UAE has also spearheaded an Women, Peace and Security (WPS) initiative, which has helped train 357 women across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Speaking on behalf of Albania, Mimoza Halimi said that the country supports the agenda espoused by the UAE’s WPS initiative, and that it plans to implement it in order to achieve sustainable peace and security in areas of conflict. Halimi added that Albania plans to focus on five action areas where it believes it can have the most impact.

According to Alzeyoudi, the UAE will continue the WPS program into 2022, and has also pledged to invest $50 million into the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund of which it is a founder. On this note, representatives from both countries said they hope to collaborate further by establishing programs to help female entrepreneurs and increase women’s financial literacy.

Albania and the United Arab Emirates established diplomatic relations on June 1, 1992. In 2011, Albania opened its own embassy in Abu Dhabi.

In April, Minister of Interior Bledi Çuçi met with Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the UAE, to discuss the framework for future cooperation between the two countries.

On July 29, non-resident ambassador Sulaiman Almazroui attended the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected President of the Republic of Albania, Bajram Begaj.