From: Exit Staff
Albanians Set to Protest Again Over Death of Seven-Year-Old Swimmer

Albanians are set to protest on Monday (8 August) evening for the second time over the death of a seven-year-old girl after an off-duty police commissioner smashed into her with a boat while he was driving in a swimmers-only area in Himare.

Arjan Tase, who managed to get charges of abuse of office in a drug cultivation case dismissed in 2020, appeared in court on Friday and was charged with indirect intentional homicide. He entered the swimming zone where boats are prohibited and took a turn at high speed, hitting the child with the boat’s propellors.

Man that Killed Seven-Year-Old Swimmer Was Driving at ‘Hellish Speed’

The boat sped off in the opposite direction but returned shortly after because everyone on the beach started shouting after him.

Witnesses to the event that spoke to Exit spoke of their trauma after the death, describing it as “like a horror film”.

Citizens and opposition party leaders and supporters protested outside the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday last week, calling for the resignation of Interior Minister Bledi Cuci and Tourism Minister Mirela Kumbaro. They gave a deadline of today for the resignation or said protests would restart.

The itinerary is expected to be the same as Thursday’s protest, where protesters will gather at 19:30 in front of the Ministry of Interior building and then march towards the Prime Minister’s Office.