From: Exit Staff
Serbian Ex-Commander Elected VP of Parliament

Bozidar Delic, a commander in the Yugoslav Army’ s549th Motorised Brigade, which was involved in several large-scale massacres during the Kosovo war, has been elected as a vice president in Serbia’s parliament.

His brigade was involved in at least eight military offences in Kosovo villages which killed just under 900 people. In an attack on Meja and Korenica, his officers killed at least 377 civilians, including 36 children. Delic has been under investigation multiple times yet has not been charged.

Delic has confirmed he was a commander of the brigade but has denied involvement in war crimes.

“I know what was happening in my area of responsibility. I was always in the first line of attack,” Delic told the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugsolavia, claiming however that he had “no knowledge of the mass killings of Albanians”.

While in office, President Slobodan Milosevic honoured the 549th Brigade for its role in the war in Kosovo, giving the brigade a People’s Hero medal for the “heroic defence of the country”.