From: Exit Staff
Albania and Kosovo Poorest Countries in Region

Albania has ranked as the 90th poor country out of 192 in terms of GDP for 2022, according to data from the IMF Publication Economic World Outlook” and quantified by Global Finance magazine.

The data states that the Albanian GDP per capita is $17,383 dollars adjusted for relative purchasing power.

The world’s richest countries in terms of GDP-PPP are Luxembourg with $140,694 followed by Singapore with $131,580, and Ireland with $124,598. Qatar, Macao, Switzerland, UAE, Norway and the US were also in the top ten.

In terms of the poorest, Burundi had just $856, along with South Sudan with $928, the Central African Republic with $1,102 and DCR with $1316.

Regionally, Kosovo was 105th with $13,964, along with Paraguay, Palau, Fiji and Mongolia.  Serbia ranked at number 72 with $23,904, North Macedonia at 78 with $19,726, and Montenegro at 69 with $24,878.

Albania was ranked alongside Barbados, Suriname, Brazil and Bosnia and Herzegovina.