From: Exit Staff
FBI Lands in Tirana to Help in Cyber Probe

An FBI team has been deployed to Tirana to support the investigation into the cyber attack that hit the country’s institutions a few weeks ago.

The news was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, during an inspection at the General Directorate of Road Transport.

Balluku said that measures are being taken to prevent such attacks in the future.

“This deep investigation that is being done by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will give us all the data on how the attack happened, where it came from, although some of it has been revealed today,” said Balluku.

The attack brought all online government services and websites to a standstill for several days, with it taking weeks to get them back online once again.

According to the National Information Agency, the sophisticated attack on the information system came from outside Albania.