From: Exit Staff
Albania has Highest Risk of Poverty in Europe

Eurostat ranked Albania as the country with the highest percentage of the population in Europe that is at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

Eurostat recently published the progress that European countries have made in the global objectives of sustainable development, which resulted in over 46% of Albania’s population is at risk of poverty and social exclusion in 2020.

Data for the three components are derived from EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC). For all three components together, Albania has been assessed, with almost half of the population at risk of poverty.

According to internal measurements by INSTAT, the limit of the risk of being poor for a person in 2020 is estimated at 186,242 ALL, compared to 170,785 ALL in 2019 and 160,742 ALL in 2018. In 2020, there are an estimated 621,504 individuals living below the risk limit of being poor, compared to 659,138 individuals estimated in 2019.

The risk of being poor or socially excluded in 2020, according to INSTAT, was 43.4%, against 46.2% estimated in 2019.