From: Exit Staff
Citizen Shoots State Inspector Implementing Demolition of Home

An inspector from the Territory Protection Inspectorate was shot on Friday (12 August) evening by the person whose house they were sent to demolish.

Qani Muca disagreed with the decision to demolish his three-story home as he said it was in the process of being legalised. An argument ensued between the owner and the inspectorate employees until the point the owner pulled out a gun.

He shot one of the inspectors, and another bullet ended up in a nearby car. The area around Kompleksi Grande is a residential area with cafes, and shops, and near an area where children regularly play.

The injured inspector is out of danger of life and is being cared for in hospital. The accused is in police custody.

Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj reacted after the event on Twitter.

“For 7 years, the Municipality of Tirana has not withdrawn from any public project, neither from the played presidents nor from the country’s most notorious thugs! They forget that both ordinary criminals and politicians who inspire violence can stop the development of the city”, writes Veliaj.

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The municipality has been repeatedly accused of illegally demolishing properties or those that are in the process of legalisation. Additionally, many claims they have not received compensation or a fair amount, as well as that homes have been demolished purely to make way for private projects.

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Police have repeatedly used heavy-handed tactics, including tear gas, to remove people from their homes.

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The issue of property rights has been highlighted on many occasions by international organisations such as the United Nations, and the EU. Expropriations are often accompanied by a significant police presence, police obstruction against journalists and even violence.

The Albanian ombudsman has highlighted the state’s practice of “arbitrarily” expropriating citizens from their properties using the argument of public interest and has not compensated them fairly or in a timely manner.