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Russia’s invasion fully justified, says Bosnian Serb leader

Separatist Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik gave full support to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Monday and drew parallels with Bosnia, saying local Serbs  cannot go to the same schools as Muslims.

In an interview with Russia’s TASS, Dodik said the wish of Bosnian Serbs to unite with Serbia was “natural”.

“It’s a similar situation with Russians in Ukraine, 15 million of them, who have been denied the right to their language by the authorities. That’s why Russia’s special operation is justified by the need to protect their people,” Dodik said, according to

“It’s the same here. We cannot share the same schools, same textbooks with the Muslims,” he said, referring to one of Bosnia’s three main nations, along with Croats and Serbs, the Bosniaks, who are mostly Muslims.

Dodik, who the US administration has sanctioned for undermining peace efforts and the rule of law, is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin soon to discuss “concrete energy projects and the behaviour of the West.”

The West, he added in the interview, “has never stopped fighting the Orthodox world; we understand that. That fight has one unique aim: to get hold of Russia’s natural resources. That is why Napoleon and Hitler went there, and today’s West also wants to conquer those areas.”