From: Exit Staff dje në 13:26
Albania Reaches Pensions Agreement with Croatia

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced on Thursday that Albania and Croatia have completed the first round of negotiations for social security agreement.

Under the agreement, 3,000 Albanians working in Croatia will benefit from the recognition of years of work.

“Good news, Albania and Croatia completed the first round of negotiations on the social security agreement. After the completion of the technical process, all procedures for the ratification of this agreement will be followed,” Rama posted on social media.

Recently, Albania has started negotiations with Greece for the recognition of pensions.

A few days ago, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Europe, Olta Xhaçka, announced that the first meeting of the Albania-Greece expert commission for the recognition of social security was held successfully.

Similar such agreements are already in place with Italy, Canada, Kosovo, and North Macedonia.