From: Exit Staff
55 Candidates Pass to Next Stage of National Bureau of Investigation Exams

55 candidates have successfully passed the latest stage of the exams to become part of the National Bureau of Investigation.

In an official announcement, BKH writes that the winners will continue with the next phase of the competition, which will take place from 13.11.2020 to 21.11.2020.

“The Selection Committee has completed the evaluation process of the “Written Test of ESESE” for all candidates (104 candidates) for the position of “Investigator” in the National Bureau of Investigation.

At the end of this process, 55 candidates have qualified who will continue the other stages of the competition and 49 candidates have not qualified for whom the competition process is interrupted at this stage.”

Several candidates who did not pass a previous stage filed a complaint against the Commission for unfair disqualification. They claimed that they were disqualified from the race despite getting higher marks in some sections of the tests than other candidates.

But in one of the cases, Judge Elda Vrioni became infected with COVID-19 and the hearing has been postponed. The court was due to deal with claims that. this individuals disqualification was unfair and that the Commission were guilty of abuse of office and forgery of documents.

In addition to this lawsuit, three other lawsuits have been filed in the Administrative Court by disqualified candidates.

They complained about the lack of transparency during the race, especially in the second stage.

Many of them claim that in the second phase, that of the physical test, there was no transparency and criteria set for the score threshold in each of the disciplines.

They also wrote that among the 103 qualified candidates for the next stage, most had received very few points in the logic test. While among the 300 disqualified were those who had received maximum points in the test.

The disqualified, through comments, have asked the head of BKH Aida Hajnas, to appear publicly and clarify the situation created in the tests.