From: Exit Staff
900 Complaints Filed with High Justice Inspector against Judiciary

The newly appointed High Justice Inspector (ILD) Artur Metani has stated that the institution has registered 900 complaints against judges and prosecutors over the last three years. He added that the institution’s priority will be cases when criminals were released before completing sentences.

“My priority is the phenomenon of early release from prison. I am worried about the fact that there are some courts where this phenomenon has taken place, and an inspection will be carried out to find out such cases. Then he will make public the cases where we will intervene and how we will intervene,” Metani told journalist Klodiana Lala.

He also urged law professionals to apply for the dozens of vacancies at the ILD.

The ILD is a new justice institution responsible of investigating complaints, disciplinary violations and initiate disciplinary proceedings against judges and prosecutors of all levels.

Artur Metani, formerly a state attorney, was elected head of the ILD by the parliament on January 20th, after the Justice Appointments Council ranked him first in a list of candidates. He is the brother of Socialist MP Eglantina Gjermeni – a former minister and a member of the Socialist Party Presidency.

Exit News has previously explained how the appointment of Artur Methani as ILD is one of the clearest examples of the politicization of the judiciary appointments under the justice reform.