Amendments to State Budget Plunge Albania and Albanians Further Into Debt

An amendment to the law on the State Budget, proposed by Prime Minister Edi Rama last week, seeks to increase public debt by 11 billion lek, or EUR 92 million. This brings the total debt for this budgetary year alone to some EUR 1 billion. The government justified the amendments and the increase of the

The Exclusives and Breaking News Exit Brought You in 2020

Exit worked hard during the last 12 months to bring readers uncensored, verified, and breaking news. These are some of our favourite revelations from 2020. Agim Kajmaku Agim Kajmaku was the Socialist Party Mayor of Vora who was elected during the 30 June local elections. It was later discovered that he had lied on his

Explaining Albania: A Guide to Albania’s Over-Inflated 2021 Budget

On Monday, the Albanian Parliamentary Assembly approved the budget for 2021, without any debate or opposition from deputies. As Exit has previously written, this is a budget for an election year and has little foundation in reality. In short, the budget predicts inflated revenues, inflated expenditures, and inflated investments that cannot be considered as logical.

Albanian Prime Minister Praises Healthcare Public Private Partnerships

Prime Minister Edi Rama has defended healthcare Public-Private Partnership contracts as successful and said that they give the state the opportunity to make investments even when there is no money. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Rama said: “Public-Private Partnerships are investments that you receive today from the private sector because you do not have the

PPP By Stealth: Company Eyeing Up Balkan PPPs Fails to Treat Coronavirus Patients in Malta

Steward Healthcare, the American company eyeing up lucrative PPPs in Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia has failed to respond to the needs of Coronavirus patients in Malta. The private company which bought a multi-billion euro concession for just €1 to run three Maltese state hospitals has been sending those diagnosed with the virus to state hospitals. According

PPP by Stealth: Albania Could Be Losing €40 Million Annually to Healthcare PPPs

Leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has claimed that the Albanian public health system is losing between €35-40 million every year to “corrupt affairs with PPPs” (Public-Private Partnerships). Speaking at the conference “Challenges and Visions in Health”, Basha said that Prime Minister Edi Rama’s claims about “free health” are a criminal lie. “Today the