From: Exit Staff
A Summary of Yesterday’s Meetings on the Electoral Campaign Trail 21/04/21

During the last week of the election campaign, the political parties and their MP candidates continued their electoral meetings in several cities of Albania. Exit brings you a roundup of the key promises and comments made during yesterday’s meetings.

Socialist Party (PS)

  • Candidate for Durres Milva Ekonomi met with citizens and said that in order to complete all the projects they have started, the PS needs a third term.
  • Taulant Balla met with pensioners in Librazhd and promised the region would undergo a huge transformation if the PS got a third term.
  • Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting in Elbasan and said the leak of personal data is insignificant. He then shared his ID card number with the crowd.

Democratic Party (PD)

  • Candidate Flamur Hoxha was in Kukes and promised that the PD will revive education and salaries for teachers will be no less than EUR 700.
  • Tritan Shehu met with miners and said that the PD will approve Miner Status if they are elected into power.
  • Candidate Edmond Spaho met with residents in Petrushe, Cerrave, and Nizhavec in Korca and promised that the PD will bring a new and developed Albania.
  • Candidate Helidon Bushati met with people in Shkodra and said the PD will support Shkodra and its citizens.

Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI)

  • Chairwoman of SMI, Monika Kryemadhi responded to accusations about her brother’s salary, made by Edi Rana. She said citizens are demanding change and it is time for a big upheaval.
  • Candidate Erisa Xhixho said LSI will provide security and support to young people and businesses.

Nisma Thurrje (NT)

  • Political party Nisma Thurrje presented their proposed law on access to electricity and water as a natural right. They said they would ensure the state guarantees water and electricity for free, up to the level of covering basic needs.
  • They also supported the promotion and use of solar and wind power instead of other alternatives.

Vetevendosje (VV) 

  • Candidate Boiken Abazi presented point 6 of his programme against public-private partnerships. He promised to take parliamentary initiatives to urge the judiciary to investigate what has happened to private and public property over the last 30 years.
  • He promised to establish investigative commissions to review the privatisation of natural resources which has led to the destruction of the environment.

Independent Candidate

  • Independent Candidate for Dibra, Elton Debreshi promised he would fight for a new road to be built in Dibra as the current one is “like in the Middle Ages.”