From: Exit Staff
Afghans in Albania Will Receive Temporary Protection Status

The Albanian government will grant temporary protection to Afghan citizens who have sought shelter in Albania following the recent Taliban occuption.

As per the law, the individual with the status of temporary protection cannot be deported, returned, or extradited outside the territory of Albania.

To manage requests for international protection coming from Afghans in Albania, the government has also created a Task Force comprising seven ministers and headed by Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhacka.

This taskforce has the following duties:

  • Communication with international partners on issues related to Afghan refugees
  • Developing a plan for managing the protection status process
  • Coordinating the Afghan housing plan
  • Managing the legal, sub-legal, and regulatory framework related to the housing and stay of Afghans
  • Managing the funds that will be used to house Afghans during their stay in Albania

Prime Minister Rama has stated that Afghans will not be sheltered in special camps as he says this is inhumane. The number of expected refugees has not been confirmed, with figures ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand.

It is also not clear when they will arrive. Several dates were suggested, but flights appear to have been postponed on multiple occasions.

No other information has been made public, other than that the first group of immigrants will be processed in tents at Tirana International Airport. Following the medical evaluation, they will likely be placed in two dormitories at Student City. It’s anticipated they and others will be moved to hotels in Durres and Berat at the end of the tourist season.