AKIP to Rama: Don’t Pass Waste Management Law

Immediately after the publication of the parliamentary agenda for the next three weeks, which includes a discussion of the controversial waste management law, the Allianca against the Import of Waste (AKIP) has asked Prime Minister Edi Rama to “co-govern” with the 90% of Albanians who are against this law.

Since 2013, AKIP has opposed legal initiative that would allow the import of foreign waste to be incinerated in Albania. In their letter, they express their concern that the Rama government is increasingly stimulating the waste burning industry by giving out concessions for several incinerators:

Apart from the law on waste import, about which its initiators and supporters systematically lied to the public when they said that the law was only for recycling and not for incineration, we notice that many of the decisions of the last year for the construction of incinerators in Fier, Tirana, Durrës, and Korça, everywhere, not only are a strategy (if we can call it that) that is completely wrong for the country, but they also seem to be constructed for the anti-national activity of burning imported waste.

We cannot fail to mention that putting incinerators first goes completely against the priority hierarchy for waste management according to both the EU and Albanian legislation.


At the end of the letter, AKIP expresses its readiness to offer the government “a platform for waste management, for a clean and attractive Albania, but also with a greater case for the health of its citizens.”

If Parliament continues with the initiative taken by the government, large protests are again expected.