From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albania and North Macedonia to Sign First Agreement of the Mini Schengen

As a part of the “mini-Schengen” agreement, Albania and North Macedonia will sign the Agreement on the Recognition of Phytosanitary Certificates.

The agreement will facilitate the trade and exchange of agricultural products between the two countries. 

In a video conference yesterday the Ministers of Agriculture for the two countries, Bledi Cuci and Trajan Dimkovski agreed on the final draft of the agreement which has been six months in the making.

“Almost everything is ready now. We have the final version of the agreement on the recognition of phytosanitary certificates for each country. I am happy we have finalised something we started discussing six months ago. Every crisis is an opportunity to move forward, so let’s use this opportunity to move forward and sign this very important agreement together”, said Cuci.

The signing will take place after each government has followed the applicable procedures. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture in Albania said that in addition to this agreement, they are working on cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine and the conservation, monitoring and management of fishing in Lake Prespa.