From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albania Closes Bars, Cafes and Restaurants in Bid to Contain Coronavirus

Following yesterday’s closure of a number of nightclubs, gyms, and venues, the government has now ordered the closure of bars, cafes, and restaurants in Tirana and Durres, until further notice.

Any proprietor found not complying with the law will be fined ALL 20 million (EUR 164,000).

The numbers of staff working in call centres will be reduced and employers are required to guarantee distances and protective conditions for each staff member. Those working in businesses where work cannot be suspended must ensure their staff can work safely with a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, or customers.

Self-quarantine for those coming from affected areas is mandatory for two weeks and failure to comply will result in a EUR 5000 fine.

Schools, kindergartens, universities, government offices and various other institutions are closed and the government is asking people to cooperate and remain in their homes. Those requiring medical attention should call 127 and not attend a hospital or clinic.

The Army and State Police will be on the streets tomorrow, ensuring that self-quarantine rules are adhered to and that businesses abide by the law.

You can find information on when and how to self-quarantine here.