From: Exit Staff
Albania Set For Addition to UK Green Travel List

Albania is set to be placed on the UK’s green list as of 4 October, meaning people can easily visit the country.

British Ambassador to Albania Alastair King-Smith announced the news on Twitter.

He said he had been in talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Olta Xhacka about ensuring Albanian-administered vaccinations will be recognized in the UK. It’s not known if this will include the thousands of Russian and Chinese vaccines provided by the Albanian government.

The Ambassador said that the UK government would provide full details on Albania travel advice this week. He also took the opportunity to post photos of Albania, including beaches in the south and mountains and rivers in the north.

Last week, the European Commission recognized Albanian COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates as equivalent to its own digital certificate.

Anyone entering Albania must provide either a vaccine certificate, a negative PCR, or an antigen test.