From: Exit Staff
Albania Takes Over UN Security Council Leadership, Pledges Justice and Accountability

As of 1 June, Albania takes over the leadership of the United Nations Security Council for a period of one month, for the first time in its history.

Prime Minister Edi Rama welcomed the news on Wednesday via a video message, stating that the UN in integral in promoting justice and the peace and Albania does exactly this nationally and internationally.

“Justice and peace go hand in hand and Albania remains fully committed in this direction,” he said.

“The world is turbulent and we continue to witness indescribably atrocities in more than fifty conflicts around the globe. Democracy and human rights are being severely tested in different parts of the world,” the Prime Minister added.

He mentioned widespread human rights abuses in Darfur, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Syria, as well as closer to home conflicts like Kosovo which still persist.

“We are doing everything we can to move forward without forgetting the past while committing ourselves to building a common future in peace,” Rama said.

Rama mentioned the war in Ukraine and observed how it has challenged European security and shaken the rule-based world order. “We cannot and should not get used to impunity…We all have a role to play, our part to fulfil,” he continued.

He said that during Albania’s chairmanship, they will focus on strengthening accountability and justice for serious violations of international law.

“We are privileged to give voice to our convictions and to lead the United Nations Security Council with all our will and passion for what we strongly believe,”  he concluded.