From: Exit Staff
Albania Third Safest European Country for Crime

Albania is the third-safest country in Europe for real-world crime, according to data compiled by Detica for the UK Cabinet Office.

Some 320.09 Albanians will experience real-world crime out of every 100,000 making it to the top three safest countries on the continent. Albania has the lowest rate of burglary at 5.23 per 100,000 compared to the UK which has the highest rate of 1,311.13 per 100,000.

Albania is also the safest country for credit card and debit card fraud and experiencing a loss due to cybercrime. Although this is most likely due to low usage of digital and card payments and a mainly cash-based economy, rather than the lack of presence of such crimes.

The UK also has the highest rate of cybercrime including identity theft and credit card fraud. France is second and French citizens experience hacking at a rate of 19.63 per 100,000.