Albanian Airlines, Turkey Increases Influence on Albania

In a press conference together with the executive director of Turkish Airlines İlker Aycı, Prime Minister Edi Rama claimed that the Turkish government will help with the establishment of a national Albanian airlines.

Prime Minister Rama said that he was “grateful for the President of Turkey, but also the executive director of Turkish Airlines, who are giving us precious help. We are close to finishing the project.”

He also stated that the new airline company would lower airfares and improve customer service.

The Prime Minister, however, failed to disclose the costs of the project or the source of the funding. He also failed to mention anything about whether the new company will be managed by the state, or through a public–private partnership.

It also remains unclear what role President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has played in the process. Prime Minister Rama already thanked the Turkish President personally for his “help” with the dubious tender of the police uniforms, and recently became one of the few European leaders who congratulated President Erdoğan on his referendum win, held among a climate of violence and oppression.