From: Exit Staff
Amateur Video Shows No Medical Inspection for Coronavirus at Albanian Airport

Though at the start of the week the government declared that preventative measures for coronavirus would be undertaken, inspections in the country’s only airport, Rinas, seem to be conducted haphazardly or sporadically.

Exit received a recording depicting the Rinas entry point as the plane arriving from Bologna, Italy, around 11 PM on Monday, let out. The video shows neither the person recording the video, nor their fellow passengers, undergoing any kind of medical inspection.

In the recording one can also see an airport worker, holding a temperature measuring device, yet he never actually uses it on any passenger.

Exit sources confirmed that passengers flying from Bologna have not undergone any medical inspection upon entry into Albania.

Meanwhile, government statements have assured the public that travelers passing through the Rinas airport or other border checkpoints undergo strict inspection. On February 24, head of the Rinas Health Inspection Unit Lorenc Harshova, said that Ministry protocol instructs that every person travelling from Italy must have their temperature measured and must answer several questions. On February 25, head of the Epidemic Intelligence Service Eugena Tomini claimed that all flights from Italy are being monitored, and every passenger is being inspected.