From: Exit News
Albanian Alliance for Media Ethics Advance Self-Regulation for Online Media

On Wednesday, 16 members of the Alliance for Media Ethics met in Tirana to further advance the establishment of a self-regulatory framework for online media.

The alliance elected the Board of Ethics: Dorian Matlija, lawyer, Mark Marku, journalism lecturer and ethics expert, Klodiana Kapo from, Alice Taylor from Exit News, and Lorin Kadiu from Citizens-Channel.

The board will review complaints from the public regarding the content of online media, and will provide the latter with recommendations.

All members of the alliance will have to display its logo on their websites. By clicking on it, all readers will be able to file a complaint with the alliance about a specific article or information presented in it.

The Alliance for Media Ethics was established in February 2020 by several media outlets aiming at promoting and ensuring ethical standards in journalism. It came as a response to the Albanian government’s controversial anti-defamation laws.