From: Alice Taylor
Albanian Bailiff Executes Court Order to Halt HPP Construction in Valbona

Four months after the Albanian High Court ordered Genr2 and Dragobia Energy halt construction of two hydropower plants in Valbona, a bailiff has finally enforced the decision.

If the companies do not abide by the decision within the next 10 days, they will be subject to a fine and criminal prosecution will begin.

The official letter, published by Citizens Channel reads: “After the expiration of this deadline, the Bailiffs Office will start the mandatory execution for the debtor who refuses or does not perform according to the court decision, will be fined up to 50,000 ALL until the execution of the obligation and a report for criminal prosecution for obstruction of execution, according to Artice 320 of the Criminal Code.”

In July 2021, the High Court ruled that work must be suspended, pending the outcome of a case in the administrative court which will rule on whether the plants are legal or not.

Albanian Bailiff Refuses to Execute High Court Ruling Against Hydropower Company Genr2

Tropoje bailiff Eduart Mrishaj refused to execute the court decision on several occasions. When asked questions by Exit, he blocked the journalist.