From: Exit News
Albanian Diaspora Coordination Council Condemns Demolition of National Theater

The Diaspora Coordination Council (KKD) has condemned the demolition of Albania’s National Theater for its lack of transparency, violating the law and hasty decision-making.

In an official statement, KKD appealed to judicial organs to cease the prosecution of protesters that were arrested following the demolition of the Theater, and deemed the violence exerted by the police against protesters as “an ugly and not at all democratic act.”

“The time and way the government chose to demolish the building, accompanied with the arrogance expressed against those who were of a different opinion, concerns us as it seriously puts into question the future of Albania as a democratic country,” KKD stated.

The KKD was created in 2018, and it consists of 15 representatives from different countries. It aims at building bridges between countries where Albanians live and Albania.

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The Diaspora Coordination Council (KKD)