From: Exit Staff
Albanian Energy Imports Up, Consumption Increases

Albania imported seven times more energy in the first three months of 2022 when compared to the same period in 2021, reflecting issues with hydropower generation.

The country generates almost 100% hydropower energy but cannot store it so it exports it during the spring and summer when production is at its highest. This means that it then has to buy back fossil fuel energy during the winter months, which Albanians pay a premium for.

However in the first quarter of this year, energy imports rose significantly, and exports decreased by almost 70%. This was due to alarmingly low water levels in several HPP reservoirs in the north of the country.

INSTAT states that net domestic energy production fell by 39.7% between January and March, totalling 2.016 GWh down from 3.344 GWh in the same period last year. The energy produced in 2022 was divided between public hydropower plants (52%) and private hydropower plants (46%). The rest was from other generators such as solar panel plants.

As for imports, 715 GWh were imported marking a seven-fold increase.

In addition to this concerning situation, especially as the cost of energy has increased on the global market, consumption also rose.

During the same period, consumers used 5.7% more energy than the year before. Most of this went to household consumers.