From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albanian Government Notifies Council of Europe About Restriction of Human Rights and Freedoms due to Coronavirus

The Permanent Representation of Albania to the Council of Europe has notified the Secretariat General that they have declared a state of natural disaster and “restricted certain fundamental human rights and freedoms” that are enshrined in the Albanian Constitution.

The ‘note verbal’, presented on 31 March explains that since 9 March when the first case of Coronavirus was found in Albania, the Government has taken a number of measures to “protect public health”. When the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation on 11 March and an increase in the number of infected persons was noted, the note stated it was necessary to adopt additional measures.

Then on 24 March, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania declared a natural disaster with the aim of ensuring “epidemiological safety, restricting the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring public health at national level.”

These measures include “gradual restriction of air, land and sea traffic, suspension of education process, establishment of quarantine procedures and self-isolation, restriction of assembly, manifestation and gathering, restriction on the right of property, special regulation on public service delivery and administrative proceedings.”

The note states that it was necessary to derogate from certain constitutional obligations and clauses of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom, in order to contain the epidemic.

It also includes copies of all Orders from the Ministry of Health, Normative Acts for Administrative Measures, and the Declaration on the State of Natural Disaster, in the English language.

The Permanent Representation of Albania to the Council of Europe said that they will inform the Secretary General of the Council of Europe about future developments with regard to the emergency situation and will notify her when the state of natural disaster is lifted.