From: Exit News
Albanian Government Suspends Four PPP Contracts for 2020

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced yesterday that the medical check up, Milot-Balldren highway, Orikum-Dukat road, and medical laboratories public-private partnership (PPP) contracts will be suspended for 2020.

The 10-year-long “free” medical check up PPP contract, granted to a shell company, costs Albanians about €5.4 million a year. The one on laboratories has the same length but a higher cost of about €7 million a year. The cost for the two roads amounts to a staggering €320 million but it’s not clear how much of this could be saved by the suspension for 2020.

These PPP contracts have been blasted as corrupt by the Albanian opposition during the past years.

The government will also present a financial plan to support businesses today. Rama has said that the wages of those whose jobs are closed will be subsidized via financial guarantees the government will issue to businesses. Those who had to suspend their business activities as a result of the quarantine will be supported by the government, he added.