From: Exit Staff
Albanian Health Minister Reminds Teachers of Vaccine Mandate

The Albanian Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu has appealed to all teaching and faculty staff to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

She added that as of Monday, it will be a legal requirement for all teachers and all students over 18 to be vaccinated. 

“As of Monday, we will issue the instruction to verify the vaccination status of teachers. The Order includes all the decisions of the Technical Committee of Experts, which determines that the schools must check all the vaccination certificates of staff, and as of 11 October, students as well.”

Those that choose not to take the vaccine must submit a negative test to the school each week. Those who have not yet completed both doses can access alternative teaching, organized by the school itself.

She noted that 80% of teachers have had one dose, while 60% have had two.

“In the last two months, we’ve had an increased interest in terms of vaccination. There is also increased interest from students.”

Since the start of vaccinations in January, 1,683,644 vaccines have been administered with 754,020 having two doses.