From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albanian Minister Visits North Macedonia to Discuss Economic Cooperation

The Albanian Minister of Finance and Economy Anila Denaj visited North Macedonia this week where she met with Nina Angelovska, and the Minister of Economy, and Kreshnik Bekteshi the Minister of Finance. They discussed shared financial and economic matters in both countries, both of which are hoping to open EU Accession talks in May

Other topics on the table included tax administration, efforts against informality in the labour market, and tax evasion. Minister Denaj presented Albania’s legal initiatives in the context of revenue sustainability, electronic billing and support to strategic sectors.

The two countries have implemented double income tax and capital agreements for 20 years, and are jointly engaged in OECD incentives for international taxation and taxable base erosion (BEPS).

Representatives from the two countries reiterated their commitment to the fight against tax evasion and black market labour, which will be formalized in the signing of a cooperation agreement in February.

“With the Minister of Finance, we saw the need to create a framework of cooperation within what is called a framework agreement, so that our technical groups can coordinate permanently in the field of fiscal policy and fiscal management. We are coordinating our experience-sharing activities in the fight against informality and encouraging the voluntary payment of taxpayers ”, said Denaj.

During the meeting with Minister Bekteshi, discussions focused on economic development policies, especially those on free economic zones, where Northern Macedonia has a good track record, but also on the possibility of creating business amenities between the two countries. They also discussed the conclusion of negotiations on a joint border crossing at Qafe Thana, aiming to create a “one-stop-shop” for all services.

Exit News also recently revealed plans to roll out PPPs in Albania, Montenegro, and Macedonia with a company whose deal in Malta is subject to a criminal investigation. Negotiated with the help of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and disgraced ex-Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the investors involved in the shady healthcare deals are suspected of scamming Maltese taxpayers out of millions. Investigations show they plan to replicate the deal in a number of Western Balkan countries with the blessing of the respective governments.