From: Exit News
Albanian Opposition Accuses Prime Minister of Going Back on 5 June Electoral Reform Agreement

The Albanian extra-parliamentary opposition has deemed the Constitutional changes approved by the Socialist majority and the parliamentary opposition a violation of the June 5 agreement reached by the Political Council.

In a public statement, the “United Opposition”,  comprised of the Democratic Party (PD) and the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), accused the government of deceiving internationals, who mediated the June 5 agreement, by approving Constitutional changes that distorted it, only a week later. The statement also strongly opposed the agreement signed by the majority and the parliamentary opposition.

The Political Council is scheduled to meet today at 5pm in a meeting called by Socialist co-chair Damian Gjiknuri, wherein Constitutional changes and open MP lists will be discussed. Prime Minister Edi Rama invited the extra-parliamentary opposition to attend.

However, the latter have refused to do so, demanding the Council meet tomorrow, on July 23, to discuss a modified agenda.