From: Exit News
Albanian Opposition May Quit Electoral Reform Talks over Demolition of Theatre

Opposition leader Lulzim Basha has hinted that the opposition could abandon work on electoral reform.

After a meeting with EU ambassadors to Albania, Basha stated that the opposition could not be the Socialist majority’s facade for electoral reform.

Basha added that with the demolition of the National Theater in violation of the law, the government showed its lack of will for reforms and progress.

We have made it clear that the opposition cannot be a facade, and the responsibility for the progress of the electoral reform lies with the Socialist Party. We cannot be a facade.

It is not up to us to return to the Political Council [for the Electoral Reform]. Will is not expressed in words, but in deeds. The deeds of the majority show that there is no will.

Opposition representatives boycotted the May 18 meeting of the bipartisan council.

They had previously agreed to complete the electoral reform within May. However, the demolition of the theatre, which is deemed illegal by its defenders and the opposition, might break that agreement.