From: Exit Staff
Albania’s Main Opposition Party Proposes Vetting for Politicians

The opposition Democratic Party (PD) has submitted to parliament constitutional amendments demanding the vetting of politicians, redrawing of the territorial map, and undoing majority amendments prohibiting a certain type of electoral coalitions.

The PD proposes that the vetting of politicians’ assets and their possible ties to criminal activity be done by the special prosecution and courts against corruption and organized crime (SPAK).

The proposal would also require that citizens with a criminal past be prohibited from running for office.

The opposition’s amendments also request the redrawing of the territorial map, reintroducing “districts,” instead of the current organization which recognizes only counties, municipalities, and administrative units. 

Regarding electoral coalition, the opposition has proposed that candidates for members of parliament can be proposed by “political coalitions” also, not only by political parties and voters.

If voted in parliament, the proposed constitutional changes will require the adoption and amendment of a number of laws, practically leading to electoral and territorial reforms.

Meanwhile, Parliament is expected to vote on extending the term for the vetting of judges and prosecutors, as only roughly half of them have been vetted within the 4-year constitutional term.

The opposition has not commented on the majority’s proposal to extend the vetting by another two years. The majority have stated that they would not negotiate on this issue.