Albanian President Decrees March 6th as Date for Mayoral By-Elections

Albanian President Ilir Meta has decreed March 6th as the date when mayoral by-elections will take place.

Last week, Meta announced he was starting procedures to call for mayoral by-elections, sending a request for information to the Central Election Commission (CEC). Yesterday, he met with Taulant Balla, head of the Socialist Party’s parliamentary group, to discuss potential dates.

There are currently six municipalities across Albania that do not have elected mayors:  Vorë, Dibër, Shkodër, Lushnjë, Rrogozhinë and Durrës.

After Meta decrees the date for mayoral by-elections, CEC will decide on procedural deadlines for all related actions, including deadline to register for candidates and timeline for the official campaign.

Mayors elected through by-elections will serve for only one year, as local elections are scheduled to take place in June 2023.

The President is required to set a date for mayoral by-elections 45 days after a vacancy is announced. However, Meta had postponed the procedure as the Constitutional Court ruled on the validity of the June 2019 local elections that were boycotted by the opposition.

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