From: Exit Staff
Albanian President Likely to Decree the New Government after His Dismissal   

Albanian President Ilir Meta is likely to convene the new parliament, mandate Socialist Party leader Edi Rama to form a new government and decree it, after having been dismissed by the current parliament.

The parliamentary committee of inquiry has until May 29 to submit a report on the merits of the Socialists’ request to dismiss the President.  

One week after the report submission, the Parliament will vote on whether or not to dismiss President Meta.

Within 5 days from the dismissal, the Parliament should submit its decision to the Constitutional Court, which does not have a deadline to review.

It is unlikely for the Court to consider the request in June, due to the busy schedule and backlog, including the case against the demolition of the National Theater, the legitimacy of 2019 local elections, etc.

If the Constitutional Court fails to review the President’s dismissal within July, it will then be delayed until September.

Meanwhile, on September 10, the President must convene the Parliament and mandate Rama to form the new government.