From: Exit News
Albanian President Questions Police, Prosecution Work in Investigating Fatal Electoral Incident

President Ilir Meta has asked the Albanian police and prosecution office to clarify for the public a number of questions regarding the fatal incident in which one person was killed and four others were injured, presumably on electoral grounds.

He said the two institutions have not provided a “full and comprehensive version” of events, and listed 11 questioned requiring answers.

Meta asked whether people with criminal background were involved in the incident, who they are, and why they were not detained. In addition, he asked whether these people were accompanying Prime Minister Edi Rama in his visit in Elbasan last month, where they attacked some opposition supporters for cheering against Rama.

Further, the President asked whether the institutions received the witness accounts of police officers present at the crime scene – including two deputy police directors –  and why the latter did not prevent the crime by arresting all those involved. How is it possible that two of the main suspects were able to flee the crime scene?

Meta raised the question of whether CCTV footage in the area was immediately seized, how long after the incident if was seized, and if there was enough time in the meanwhile for those interested to delete the footage to have done so. He asked whether the possible delay may have been on purpose in order to destroy the evidence.

Finally, the President asked whether the Elbasan prosecution office is in a conflict of interest in investigating the case, and called on the Special Prosecution Office against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) to take over the case, hinting that senior officials and MPs may be involved in it.

One day after the deadly incident, the Albanian police arrested two people, put one on the wanted list, and detained ten others.

The heads of the police and prosecution office said they found no evidence of vote buying, and refused to answer questions regarding the course of the firearm incident.


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