From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Albanian Prime Minister Claims Revised Media Law Will Include Venice Commission Recommendations

At a news conference on Wednesday between Prime Minister Rama and Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Linde, questions from reporters focused on the media law, otherwise known as the anti-defamation packages.

To these questions, Minister Linde stressed the importance of “protecting media freedom”. She advised the government “to consult with journalists and civil society on media law.

“Freedom of the media is a basic right for a democratic country,” she added.

Rama said that the new law will be approved based on the recommendations of the Venice Commission. He called false statements by journalists that the government is passing a law to silence journalists:

“The law has been consulted with the OSCE and approved by the OSCE, meanwhile the recommendations of the Venice Commission are now being adopted. “Not to silence journalists but to create an ethical environment.”

It’s worth noting that Rama previously claimed the draft had been approved by the OSCE, but this was not the case.

He said that the main request for the regulation of the media environment came from businessmen who are blackmailed by the media:

“Business people are being blackmailed every day. We sent the law to the Venice Commission, which has made its recommendations, which will be addressed one by one.

Because in this jungle of misinformation, assault on people, and ill-education of young people, through the daily violation of media ethics, people should have the right to be held accountable before the court that attacks them and hides behind anonymity.”