From: Exit Staff
Albanian Prime Minister Staying at Turkish President’s Summer Residence Ahead of Greece Forum

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is staying with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the latter’s summer residence in Marmaris, Turkey.

On Monday, Rama announced on social media that he had several meetings with Erdogan during his stay, discussing extensively many topics.

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“With the President of Turkey, dear friend Recep Taip Erdogan, in one of the conversations during his stay at his summer residence in Marmaris, where we talked extensively about the relations between Albania and Turkey, the current challenge of strengthening the economy in the face of Covid- 19, the progress of bilateral cooperation, as well as the situation in the Western Balkans region🇦🇱🤝🇹🇷,” Rama stated.

The prime minister’s office has not made his agenda public.

The media learned from other sources that he will be in Athens, Greece on Wednesday, to discuss the Greek-Turkish crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will also attend the forum.

Two days after the news broke, Rama announced he is in Marmaris with Erdogan.

He did not mention the Greek-Turkish crisis among the topics discussed with the president.

It’s not clear how long Rama’s apparent private visit in Marmaris will last, but he is expected to attend the Athens forum the day after tomorrow.