From: Arjola Tafaj
Albanian Prosecutor General Investigating 47 Reports of Electoral Crimes

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Albania reported that it is conducting preliminary verifications regarding 47 reports of electoral crimes. Of the registered cases, four people are already under investigation. Three of them have been transferred to the Special Prosecution against Corruption (SPAK), and the remaining individual has been sent to trial.

Furthermore, one person was terminated, and another suspend from their post.

The Office stated that 11 people are under investigation for electoral crimes in relation to the April 25 elections. It also confirmed that it has requested that four of them be sent to prison.

According to the released statement, the Office received a total of 142 notifications for criminal offenses related to the elections during the pre-and post-election period. 84 cases were filed with the relevant prosecutor offices by political parties, candidates, citizens or state institutions, 21 were referred to the judicial police and 37 were transferred to SPAK.

According to the Prosecutor General, all prosecutor offices across the country should prioritize investigations related to electoral crimes so they can be completed within a short time frame.