From: Exit News
Albanian Prosecutors Charge 24 People for Forging Travel Visas and Human Trafficking   

The Special Prosecution Office against Organized Crime (SPAK) in Albania has completed investigations and filed charges against 24 people arrested for forging travel visas and for organizing human trafficking to the US and Canada.

On Friday, prosecutors charged 20 of the defendants for assisting in illegal border crossing, and 8 of them for membership in a structured criminal group.  

One of the defendants will face charges of forging visas and passports, while another stands accused of forgery of documents and seals.

Two former police officers, Besjan Mustafa and Behar Ismailaj are charged with abuse of office.

Investigations into the group lasted about a year since their arrest last summer. 15 of them awaited investigations in detention, 7 under house arrest, and 2 were investigated at large.

Prosecutors maintain that the defendants received € 5-10 thousand from each immigrant, and transported them from Albania to the US and Canada through Germany, France and Great Britain.