From: Exit News
Albanian Special Prosecution to Investigate Banana Business Owner for Cocaine Trafficking

The Special Prosecution against Corruption (SPAK) will investigate Selim Çekaj, the owner of a banana transportation company, for his alleged involvement in cocaine trafficking.

The case was transferred to SPAK by the Prosecutor’s Office of Durrës.

Çekaj was arrested in April, after 49 kg of cocaine arriving from Ecuador were seized from shipping containers belonging to his company, Exolamax.  Çekaj denied all accusations, claiming he had ordered bananas only.

He is the father of Arbër Çekaj, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison in September 2018 for trafficking 613 kg of cocaine from Colombia in banana shipping containers. The market value of the drug shipment was estimated to be €180 million.

The father created a new company three weeks after his son’s arrest in February 2018.

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