From: Exit Staff
Albanians Filed 4k Complaints in 2 Years against Judges and Prosecutors

The vetting commission received 4150 complaints from citizens against judges and prosecutors in the last two years since the vetting started, according to a report by the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC).

Judges and prosecutors in Albania have been undergoing vetting under the justice reform, during which they are asked to justify their assets, prove they have no ties to criminals and are professionally able to exercise their duty.

The vetting commission, also called the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), is open to receiving denunciations of facts by citizens against each of the judges or prosecutors being vetted. About half of them have been either dismissed of resigned before facing vetting.

In their press release, the AHC stated that complaints were diverse, and the vetting commission took some of them into consideration when dismissing judges and prosecutors. It added that some of the facts denounced related people “at the top of the justice system” in Albania.