From: Exit Staff
Albanians Fined Abroad for Overstaying Visa During COVID-19 Lockdown to be Reimbursed by Albanian Government

The General Directorate of Taxation in Albania will reimburse the fines imposed by the authorities of foreign countries for Albanians that overstayed their visas due to COVID-19.

The reimbursements will apply to any penalties incurred abroad between 10 March and 1 June 2020.

The official notification of the GDT lists the documents that citizens must send by mail to receive a refund:

– collection mandate certifying the payment of the fine, translated and notarized;

– fine imposition form by the border police;

– self-declaration for the consent of the individual for the verification of his border entry-exit from the TIMS system, according to the defined format (according to the format attached to the notification);

– photocopy of the identification document of the individual (passport, identity card);

– individual bank account data in Lekë (bank name and IBAN);

– personal contact number or email address

As for foreign citizens stranded in Albania during the lockdown, those that overstayed their 90 days visa-free allowance or who were unable to renew their documents were able to extend their stays.