From: Exit Staff
Albanians Most Stressed in Balkans, Gallup

Albanians are the most stressed people in the Balkans, and amongst the most stressed in Europe, according to the Gallup 2021/2022 Emotion Index.

The report looks at the varying emotions of people around the world and found that in 2021 was the most stressful year in recent memory with 41% of the world reporting feeling more stressed than ever before.

But Albanians took this one step further, with almost 60% saying that stress drowned out more positive emotions during the last 12 months, the highest rate in the region.

The most positive countries in the world were Panama, Indonesia, Paraguay, El Salvador and Honduras. The least positive was Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.

The world is also fighting a silent pandemic – loneliness. Gallup found 330 million adults go at least two weeks without talking to a friend or family member. Furthermore, one fifth of all adults do not have a single person they can rely on for help.

Global misery is also increasing because of an everyday aspect of life – work. Results showed that those with a job were actually more stressed than those without.