From: Exit Staff
Albanians Raise $13 Million in 3 Days for Earthquake Relief

Solidarity has poured in the country from Albanians all over the word with donations for earthquake relief fundraisers.

More than $13 million were donated in three days since the November 26 quake.

More than €3 million have been donated so far to a fundraiser started by the Albanian government.;
“Fundjavë Ndryshe” Foundation has fundraised $1,6 million so far;
Kastrati Group pledged €1,5 million;
Albanian Roots Inc. has fundraised $1.4 million so far;
Balfin Group pledged €1,2 million;
Tirana International Airport, €1 million pledged;
Behgjet Pacolli, businessman and Kosovo’s foreign minister pledged €1 million;
Bankers Petroleum has pledged $1 million;
“The Albanians for Albanians” organization has raised $900 thousand so far;
Kosovo government donated €500 thousand;
Open Society Foundation pledged $500 thousand.

Other smaller donations were made by:

Eurosig-Insig company, €50 thousand;
Albanian American Community Association has fund raised $34 thousand so far;
Gazeta-Express in Kosovo, €10 thousand;
Dreni-Pharm in Kosovo, €10 thousand;
Intercom Data Service will cover rent costs for 20 families;
Gener 2 and Gjikuria companies pledged to build 20 apartments in Thumane;
Businessman Lazim Destani from North Macedonia donated 12 tons in food;
200 more tons in food and other items were donated by companies in Kosovo.

The Alliance for the Protection of National Theater and the Nisma Thurje managed donations by citizens in food and clothes, as well as listing more than 3 thousand apartments offered by citizens throughout the country as shelters for those affected by the quake.

Exit News encourages everyone to donate to any of the fundraisers above to help relief operations for victims.

Many foreign governments have also pledged donations and sent aid after the most powerful quake in decades hit Albania three days ago, leaving at least 49 dead and more than 900 injured.

Preliminary verifications show 237 apartment blocks and 940 houses damaged, and 5,240 people made homeless.