From: Exit Staff
Albania’s Biggest Opposition Parties Sign Electoral Coalition

The Democratic Party (PD) &  the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), the two largest opposition parties in the country signed a coalition agreement for the April 25 elections.

The newly formed coalition “United Opposition” (PD and LSI) will race in elections individually with separate candidate lists (PD-AN + LSI), aiming comprehensive political-electoral representation. 

The agreement consists of 13 points on which PD and LSI say they are committed to:

  1. Taking the country out of the economic crisis caused by “clientelist governance paired with oligarchs and crime” /  Lifting the country out of the economic crisis. 
  2. Meeting all criteria for the opening of EU membership Accession Negotiations. 
  3. Restoring the rule of law / Reestablishing rule of law. Taking government action to curb mass depopulation.
  4. Prioritizing well-paid employment.
  5. Governance program prioritizing youth  ( Implementation of a governance program with priority given to youth. Quality education and wide employment opportunities, to eliminate the tragedy of depopulation and mass departure of young people and for further integration in management, policy-making, and society)
  6. Equal opportunities for women’s representation in decision-making processes. Women emancipation and women empowerment in society.
  7. Fight against organized crime, trafficking, and money laundering
  8. Completion of the reconstruction process for areas damaged by earthquakes, guaranteeing a fair process.
  9. Managing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis by implementing a health and social care plan. 
  10. Development of culture and sports.
  11. Preserving and protecting cultural heritage against damage.
  12. Guaranteeing restitution of property to religious communities.

The Electoral Code stipulates that the coalition is made by two or more parties, which race as a single electoral subject with a joint list of candidates. So, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration should register at Central Election Commission (KQZ) as a coalition with a joint list. The Electoral Code defines and recognizes an electoral coalition formed before elections.