From: Exit News
Albania’s Business Climate Worsened Over the Past Year, Survey Finds

66% of entrepreneurs of the American Chamber of Commerce think that the business climate in Albania is unfavorable. The number of those who think that the climate has worsened has doubled during the last year.

The AmCham has published its yearly Business Index survey, that included 70% of its 222 member companies. 

The AmCham Business Index measures entrepreneurs’ assessment of Albania’s business climate. Participating companies include ones working in the tourism industry, banking, manufacturing industry, and construction.

The survey covers 2019, and does not include data from the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s main findings were:

  • 66% of businesses think the business climate in Albania is unfavourable.
  • Compared to a year ago, the number of businesses who think the climate has worsened has doubled.
  • The main issues raised by responders consisted in the political climate, monopolies and unfair competition, difficulty finding qualified staff, and the overall poor performance of the Albanian economy.