From: Exit Staff
Albania’s Newly Established Special Anti-corruption Prosecution Starts Work

Albania’s newly established Special Anti-corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) has started work today, after 8 of its prosecutors were sworn in before the president. They will investigate corruption of politicians and high officials, as well as organized crime.

Prosecutors Elida Kaçkini, Enkeleda Millonaj, Edvin Kondili, Behar Dibra, Arben Kraja, Klodian Braho, Ened Nakuçi and Altin Dumani sworn in before the president this morning, after they were nominated by the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) three weeks ago. The Albanian Constitution requires a minimum of 10 prosecutors for the establishment of SPAK.

The EU Delegation and US Embassy in Albania welcomed their swearing in as an important step in the implementation of the justice reform in Albania.

The KLP interviewed the three candidates for Chair of SPAK yesterday – Altin Dumani, Arben Kraja and Edvin Kondili – and is expected to elect one today. The SPAK Chair will have a three-year term, without the right to reappointment.