From: Exit Staff
Albin Kurti Calls for Vjosa River to be Protected

The chairman of  Vetvendosje Movement, Albin Kurt has appealed to the Albanian government to stop the construction of hydropower plants on the Vjosa River.

Through a Facebook status, Kurti demands that the new government after April 25 declare the Vjosa River a National Park.

“Vjosa, the river that connects Albania with Europe, is a wealth and heritage not only national but also European. Wonderful canyons, rapid and unimpeded flows, a unique ecosystem and the 1,100 species that take refuge in it make the Vjosa the most unique river in Europe. ” writes Kurti.

He adds that even after calls from residents, international organizations, and the European Parliament to declare Vjosa a national park, nothing has been done.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and local and foreign organizations have also defended the Vjosa River. President Meta also called on the government to declare the Vjosa River a National Park.