From: Alice Taylor
Albin Kurti: Citizens, Youth and Internationals are Disappointed with Albania

Albin Kurti said that justice for Klodian Rasha means justice and democracy for Albania.

The leader of Vetëvendosje in Kosovo said that the protests in Tirana are a message against the corrupt political-economic system.

“The youth revolt may not have had sophisticated speeches, but it spoke and is speaking clearly. Together with the other phenomenon, mass emigration, these revolts are giving the message that Albanians can no longer coexist with this kind of corrupt political and economic system which causes injustice, inequality, and backwardness,” he said on Facebook.

He said that those in politics, business and media have little time left to realise that citizens, youth, and international partners who have tried to help, are disappointed with their society.

Kurti called for more organization and commitment on the part of young people in order to restore hope in the country.

He added:

“With the commitment of Albanians, especially young people, even in Albania it will be possible to restore hope and to change the path away from corruption and towards development. Albania has many honest, capable, and tireless people, whose hearts are weeping to see their country well with democracy and justice. They just need to start organizing and structuring, to overcome the old obstacles, and I am convinced that it will happen soon.”